Laflare Free Go Cooling Spray 2.7 oz


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Product Overview

Experience the ultimate comfort and freshness with our Cooling Spray for Braiding, Wig & Weaving Hair. Designed with your Itchy Scalp and Skin in mind, this formula quickly cool down scalp heat, keeping your scalp refreshed throughout the day.

Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with our Odor Neutralizing formula. Our spray eliminates unwanted smells, leaving your braided hair smelling clean and fresh after every styling session.

Banish itchiness with our specially formulated Itchy Scalp Relief Spray. Crafted with scalp-friendly ingredients, it provides soothing relief for a comfortable experience.

Keep your scalp hydrated and healthy with our Scalp Hydration formula. Infused with nourishing components, it promotes scalp health, ensuring your hair stays moisturized and vibrant.

Our braid spray for itchy scalp offers easy application with its convenient mist delivery. Simply spray for targeted relief, making it a must-have for your haircare routine, especially during braiding sessions. Elevate your braiding experience with our refreshing and revitalizing spray.