Kiss VLuxe extended rich serum


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Product Overview

Unlock the potential for luxurious, revitalized lashes with VLuxe Extended Rich Intensive Eyelash Conditioning Serum, the ultimate aftercare solution for lash extension users and those seeking natural lash enhancement. Featuring a rich blend of natural and high-performance ingredients like Capixyl™ and Lakesis, our deeply nourishing eyelash serum works to enhance and strengthen lashes for a thicker and fuller appearance, and can be used on eyebrows and other areas where hair grows. 

  • Formulated with Capixyl™, a high-performance ingredient that is known to enhance and strengthen lashes
  • Infused with Lakesis, a natural ingredient that nourishes hair 
  • Use twice a day as part of your beauty routine for effortless lash care
  • Perfect for false lash users, mascara lovers and anyone with naturally sparse lashes