Dr. Miracle's New Growth No-Lye Relaxer Touch Up Application

Dr.Miracle's New Growth No-Lye Relaxer - Regular

Dr. Miracle's Feel it Formula New Growth Regular Relaxer Kit includes a leave-in conditioner that penetrates deep into hair to define natural curl patterns and wake up your dead follicles. It also softens, hydrates and provides a light hold for desired movement. The best part is, it continues to work even after you stop feeling it. This new growth relaxer is made with an energizing complex of coconut milk. It is lye-fee. Protective gloves, a mixing spatula and complete directions are included.

Dr. Miracle's Feel it Formula New Growth Regular Relaxer Kit:
  • Ultra-hydrating coconut milk leave-in conditioner penetrates into all hair textures, while defining natural curl patterns
  • Leaves hair soft with a light hold and desired movement
  • No lye
  • Energizing complex continues to work after you stop feeling it
  • Super-intensive daily treatment for waking up your dead hair follicles
  • Includes Dr. Miracle's hair relaxer, protective gloves, mixing spatula and complete directions

Dr.Miracle's New Growth No-Lye Relaxer - Super

Dr. Miracle's No-Lye Relaxer Kit Super. Dr. Miracle's No-Lye Relaxer Super Kit - 1 CT. New! New growth. Enjoy the Tingle...enjoy the Growth. "Feel it" formula. Thermalceutical intensive. "My greatest challenge was creating the 'World's Best Touch-Up Relaxer' utilizing my feel it formula. My family says 'mission accomplished. 'So try it with my personal 100% money back guarantee."

  • People around the world are enjoying the results of my Thermalceutical no-lye relaxer, and now can have the same results with my new growth thermalceutical relaxer.
  • My mom and sisters love the new growth relaxer because it contains my famous "Feel It Formula" and it is excellent on shorter hair as a touch-up between relaxers.
  • So enjoy your healthy moisturized scalp and your break-free, shiny, soft, healthy hair.