Wahl Sterling Stinger Detachable Blade Clipper #8233-300

MSRP: $249.00
(You save $30.00 )
This Sterling Stinger from Wahl just couldn't be satisfied with having the most powerful motor, and the only way to make a rotary clipper better is to add variable speed. It focuses that energy into changing speeds from 1800 rpm to 4600 rpm. Now you can use just as much power as you need, because some hair just doesn't need all that power. But when you're facing a thick bush, brimming with life and clipper-stopping thickness, you can turn the Stinger all the way up and have the torque to cut down anything. Motor: Variable speed rotary Weight: 14.5 oz. Length: 7.25" Blade: 2359-100 #1 (2mm) 10' chemical resistant cord Includes: OA blade 4 steel blade extenders Drive tips and drive tip tool Oil and cleaning brush Instructions

 * Made in USA.