Vanessa Party Lace Deep J-Part Synthetic Wig DRJ JESLI



MATERIAL: Synthetic



HEAT SAFEYes - Safe Up To 360ºF 

  • Trendy hand-tied lace parting
  • For creative styling versatility
  • Deeply J-Curved: Parts to make your life a party
  • Fashion setting look that is styled to the deep end. Change the way you look and feel about your hair.

Caring for your VANESSA® HEAT WAVE Fiber Hair Enhancement:

  1. Gently shampoo in moderate temperature water. Rinse in cold water.
  2. Squeeze excess water, drip dry. Do not use external heat or brush when wet.
  3. Using curling iron between 320°F - 360°F (optimal temperature: 340°F) rolling hair for 10 seconds. Allow fiber to cool.
  4. For tighter curls with ceramic irons, place paper on ends before rolling.
  5. Brush your Vanessa® hair enhancement out for other styling options.