Saga Naked Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair Weave Natural Loose Deep 7pcs

MSRP: $159.99
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Shake-N-Go Saga Naked Series 100% Brazilian Virgin Remy Human Hair Natural Loose Deep. 14"+14"+16"+16"+18"+18"+Closure. Long lasting Unprocessed Virgin Remy hair. Dye, Bleach, Perm with great results.

Unprocessed Remy - Curls given by Nature.

Perfect Natural Curls.

Original curls restored after every wash.

Only the healthiest remy hair is selected.

Long-lasting wear.

All natural remy hair.

Shed-Free weft innovation.

Returns to its original condition wash after wash.

Excellent results with heating tools.

Able to perm with great results.

Shed-Free and comfortable war using the "easy sew, easy weft" exclusive innovation.

Sophisticated soft weft design allows for effortless easy sewing.