Rain Indian Remy Moist Deep Short 3PCS

$23.99 - $26.99

Rain Indian Remy Moist Deep 3pcs by Shake N Go

100% Human Hair

Wet & Wavy - can be straightened with a flat iron and wavy with water.

The Moisture Miracle: Moisture Remy Rain

  • Moisture Remy RAIN is premium quality hair pampered with the ingenious Moisture Condition Retention Technique (MCRT) that enhances and strengthens the natural elasticity of hair.
  • RAIN's upkeep of natural healthiness for long lasting wear is due to its ability to consistently maintain the perfect balance of moisture in hair to protect from harmful environmental threats and heat styling.
  • RAIN is vibrant in color, has soft to touch texture, and will forever liberate you from frizzy limp hair.
  • Moisture Remy RAIN is hair that is truly BEAUTIFUL.
  • RAIN's Moisture Retention Technique (MCRT) makes the hair strong to damage to regular use of hot tools.
  • RAIN does not shed with the "easy sew, easy weft" exclusive technology known as the Sophisticated Weft Technique (SWT).
  • RAIN's moisture conditoned hair is soft and vibrant while providing the most intense shine, body and texture.


  • To maintain the health and radiance of Moisture Remy Rain Wet & Wavy, we recommend that you shampoo and condition the hair a minimum of once every two weeks.
  • To shampoo, gently wash with lukewarm water and use a mild shampoo. Avoid rubbing vigorously or twisting the hair. Follow with a conditioner.
  • With a clean towel, gently pat out the excess water.
  • Maintain a fresh, curly, and wet look by applying gel, mousse, or oil sheen. Oil sheen is not recommended for bonded weaves, as it may reduce the strength of the bond.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to comb the hair while it is still wet. Always comb by starting at the ends and working your way up.
  • Style hair as desired. Do not brush wavy hair when it is dry.
  • Always consult your professional stylist when removing the weave.