Model Model Nude Leaf Brazilian Remy Human Hair Natural Body Wave 7pcs

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Model Model Nude Leaf Unprocessed Brazilian Remy 100% Human Hair NATURAL BODY WAVE 7PCS 14"+14"+16"+16"+18"+8"+Closure
Anything is possible with NUDE LEAF - Bleach / Color / Perm
The utmost color results - Can be colored whichever color you choose with the uttermost results.
Curl it your way! - Can replicate the exact perm roller shape whatever you choose.
Longevity Maximized - The viality of NUDE lasts extremely longer even wash after wash.

Shedding-free! - The innovative weft technique keeps the hair shed-free, miraculously.

Pre-cleansed for your protection - NUDE underwent ingenious washing process to keep it hygienic for your safety.

The Brand you can trust - The quality and the freshness you can confidently trust