Model Model Cuticle Remy Qutix Twist Deep 3pcs Weave Hair- COLORS 1, 1B, 2, 4

$26.99 - $29.99

Model Model, Style: Twist Deep, 100% Fortified cuticle remy human hair of superior quality for weaving. 3 Piece short cut series.
Cuticle Remy is designed by nature to protect your hair. Cuticle Remy can withstand abuse such as heat and brushing, and keep moisture in. Moisture is absolutely vital to young looking hair. Cuticle Remy Qutix Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension by MODELMODEL will give the healthy shine that you want with all its strength. Tangle free. Cuticle Remy QUTIX Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension! The new superior quality human hair that is stronger, healthier, and more vibrant. QUTIX defines the new class of Cuticle Remy. Cuticle Remy is developed through an ultra-refinishing technology that enhances the longevity and healthiness of premium Tangle Free Remy hair. Fortified Cuticle Technology. Cuticle Remy QUTIX Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension is 100% Remy human hair enhanced with advanced cuticle reinforcing technology that infuses strength and elasticity to natural hair cuticles to protect and preserve for lasting wear. This allows Cuticle Remy QUTIX Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension to maintain its unsurpassed resiliency wash after wash. Enriched Cortex Technique Our Exclusive peptide feeding technique, also referred as the protein fortifying procedure, thickens and enriches the cortex to thicken and strengthen hair. Unidirectional Live Cuticles (ULC) of Cuticle Remy QUTIX maintain higher level of tenacity and natural luster due to its "LIVE" and "laid-flat" cuticles that reflect luminescent shine. Importantly, unidirectional hair alignment prevents the unattractive tangles. Sophisticate Weft Design. With the innovation of Cuticle Remy QUTIX, a new sophisticated wefting technique has been intergrated to create a flexible weft for easy sewing and secure weft for shed-free wear. The new weft design makes Cuticle Remy QUTIX the most hassle-free modern Remy hair in the industry. "Experience the luxury in Cuticle Remy QUTIX Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension." Only the color and length combinations listed are available.