Janet Collection Deep Part Swiss Lace wig Campbell



MATERIAL: Synthetic 

TYPE: Lace Front Wig 

LENGTH: Medium



  • Up Do & Ponytail
  • Soft & Easy Styling
  • Natural Look and Feel
  • Extremely Deep Part Lace Wig
  • Hand Tied Swiss Lace Part
  • 100% Premium Fiber - Synthetic

Care Instructions

  • Always wash hair in cool water using mild shampoo and conditioner. Washing in hot water will damage fiber.
  • Never scrub hair. Swish it gently from side to side and sunk it up and down.
  • Use a towel and part hair dry. Never brush or comb when hair is wet. Never use blow dryer. If in a rush, use cold settings on the dryer.
  • If necessary, de-tangle hair with a wide toothed comb working from the bottom toward to top.
  • If hair gets frizzy, use sheen spray then comb.
  • You can resume styling once the hair is completely dry.
  • Never comb or brush spiral curl or dreadlocks. Use fingers to comb gently.