Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Nourishing Co-Wash


Design Essentials® Natural Almond & Avocado Nourishing Co-Wash with Sweet Almond & Avocado Oils, gently cleanses hair and scalp removing product residue and buildup
without stripping hair of natural moisture. This hydrating, de-tangling cleansing cream makes curly hair more manageable and nourishes dry, thirsty curls for frizz-free
defined curls. Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Nourishing Co-Wash has a rich blend of natural ingredients to cut de-tangling time down by 30 minutes- ideal
for all curl types. 

Gentle cleansing without stripping your hair 
Saves up to 30 minutes de-tangling time 
Results in soft, manageable, noticeable hydration